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Easy To Use Supply Chain Technology

Pro Star has for many years seen the importance of applying technology to supply chain logistics. Pro Star offers TMS, WMS and Dashboarding solutions. This integrated access to analytics through web based applications, allows for electronic visibility from order processing, shipment confirmation, tracing, and post-delivery KPIs. Pro Star’s technology is augmented and supported by experienced staff members, who provide market intelligence in the areas of Fulfillment, Logistics and Parcel insight, in a way that is simply not possible through electronic management alone.

Pro Star’s secure web-based applications offer complete 360 degree supply chain visibility from product fulfillment origin to the final destination. Our KPI management tools helps clients adapt business rules based on strategic and tactical usage of the data provided.



Pro Star has amassed some of the most knowledgeable people in the transportation business. In addition, we’ve equipped our people with some of the most robust technology in the industry creating seamless visibility that assist in making critical business decisions. Let Pro Star show you more.