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We take the guess work out of LTL. Pro Star experts can assist with the complex and confusing LTL classifications and pricing structures. Our “Outsourced Traffic Management” model helps you see your options clearly so you can make the best possible decisions for your business. Our automated load booking process along with our dedicated CCT (Customer Care Team) will insure Pro Star can take care of all your LTL needs. Our total transport management approach insures that your shipping portfolio is comprehensive enough to help you recognize more efficient transportation options in other modes, including consolidation. The ability to view your supply chain gives you power over it. When you use our tools and talents, you'll see the whole picture.

Pro Star believes in:

— Building trust by being thoughtful

— Showing you we care by being responsive

— Maintaining integrity by being earnest



We make every mile count. At Pro Star we go the extra mile by analyzing your current TL shipping patterns to help make sensible future enhancements. We can help design and support closed loop solutions: roundtrip, inbound, JIT, or time sensitive programs to help maximize your TL transportation costs. You can make every mile count by utilizing Pro Star’s TMS technology systems to monitor and ensure on-time performance. Our TL programs are built on minimum mileage basis; reduce empty miles and cost, while improving efficiency. At Pro Star we go beyond the best price.